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 With our different metal kits children playfully get an insight into the world of technology. The professional models are to show the diversity of modeling. Our RC models, wind turbines, solar models and multi-play boxes with up to 20 models there is always varied. The kits of the Silver Line, Junior Series and Professional Series can be variably combined and supplemented. These kits are compatible with eitech© metal construction sets. The Micro series is the smallest metal construction in the world and exclusive at Tronico.

 Novelty 2017

Here please see one of our latest creations! The LED-Tower!


Tronico Tool Set for Metal Kits

 Now you will receive a tool kit that was specifically tuned on our Tronico metal Kit exclusively with us in the shop. With this Tronico tool set consists of 1 x nut screwdriver for professional and junior series (1:16 and 1:24), 1 x nut screwdriver for mini series (1:32), and 1 x screwdriver makes building the metal construction kit and 1 x nose pliers even more fun. The needle-nose pliers amelioration to the bending of metal parts. The tool kit is also compatible with the Silverline.

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fidelity of Tronico fans - Egon Bahr
There are really nice messages and pictures of Tronico fans. Egon Bahr has shown us his collection of Tronico metal construction kit. We are impressed by the variety and thank! We hope that Mr. Bahr still enjoys the products from our production. Here you read his lines:
Ladies and gentlemen,
I here send you pictures of me and my models. My name is Egon Bahr and am retired and passionate hobbyists, 86 years old, married. Assembling the kits brings me a lot of fun.

Tronico product catalogue

It carrys 48 pages full of novelties, the well-known products, as well as new features. You can simply scan the QR code and watch a video about the article. We have not managed it yet for all products, but in the course of the year there will be more and more. It includes a price list and you can of course order in our shop immediately.

Model makers - meet at the fair in Leipzig
 Some of our modellers lives not just around the corner and there was a reunion at the fair in Leipzig. We showed a fire truck just finished leading there in the 1 / 16 scale. The interest of the visitors was very large. A great work of Thomas and friends! Might get this model in production!

 Tronico - metal construction kit - special vehicles individual conversions by modelers
We want to create a new category and want to show special vehicles like a Unimog 6 x 6, a Unimog with a trailer. You are interested and want to build a vehicle? Then write us! You make us a proposal and we will send you the corresponding kits free! We want to have images for later and a very brief history of you with your idea. Build it off. We publish your models here on Tronico and Facebook. Write us directly and now here: tronico@rcee.de


This are the bore diameters of our Metal Construction Kits:

Micro Series - 5 mm - 2.00 mm bore diameter (smallest metal kit in the world)

Mini Series - 9 mm - 3.10 mm bore diameter

Junior Series - 10 mm - 4.15 mm bore diameter

Profi Series - 10 mm - 4.15 mm bore diameter

Silver Line - 10 mm - 4.15 mm bore diameter


Metal construction Multi Sets with many Models such as 5 Models, 7 Models, 10 Models

We are proud to announce that Tronico offers now a new category of Metal Construction Sets with many Models inside a package. Tronico just started with 3 Models, 5 models and 7 models, but more will come in 2016. We are now starting production in our factory for 5, 7 and even 10 models sets. Just click the picture underneath and get into our category

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We are frequently asked what series are compatible with each other, so have the same hole SPACING. This is basically very simple.

Profi Series, Junior series, and the Silver Line from Tronico have the same hole spacing can be combined with each other. The distance is 10 mm. These three series are compatible also with Eitech ©. Our hole diameter is 4.15 mm. Although our holes are square and Eitech © round, can you work with both systems together.

Meccano ©, Märklin ©, Metallus © and stories © have used the inch system. That means a hole distance of 12,74 mm with round holes. Thus we are not fundamentally compatible by Tronico so, but you can grow with our parts on the other systems.

The Mini Series of Tronico a hole spacing 9 mm has with ø 3 mm. It is compatible with the Trix © Kit, which is no longer produced.

The Micro Series of Tronico is unique and our own system. This is the smallest metal construction kit in the world. The Tronico Micro Series has a pitch of 5 mm with a hole diameter of 2 mm. 

YouTube 360 Degree Videos

 Presentation of the Tronico Model Kits on YouTube!

New Assembling Manuals

We have created a little video to show you the new 4-coulored assembling manuals Instructions for the tronico metal kits . All Products 2014 newly developed also get the new assembling instructions ! The change has been a huge effort for us, because it needed new software and accordingly much instruction for the designers to deal with it effectively. So much fun at the video !