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Original RRP: € 44,95

Original RRP: € 44,95

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Original RRP: € 59,95

This are the diameters of our Tronico Metal Model Kits:

Profi Series, Junior Series and Silver Line - hole spacing 10 mm - Ø 4.15 mm - (eitech© compatible)

Mini Series - hole spacing 9 mm - Ø 3.10 mm - (Trix© compatible)

Micro Series - hole spacing 5 mm - Ø 2.00 mm - (own system)

Meccano© and Maerklin© use the inch system with a hole spacing of 12.73 mm.

School and Starter Sets from Tronico

We are proud to announce that Tronico offers now a new category of Metal Model Kits for Schools. The sets have 3 Models (we call it 3-in-1), 5 models and 7 models. We know that those sets are very popular even for families to start with their children to assemble metal models such as airplanes, cars and trucks.

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