Tronico - Diy Metal Model Kits with licenses from Germany

Tronico gearset with Battery Drive - Novelty 2018 
This is also very new in the range of Tronico. A gearset with battery drive. It can be used as a supplement to existing metal construction kits, as a drive for a tractor or for the complete own creations of vehicles or machines. The gearbox kit is also ideal for school lessons. 

  New - Tronico Metallbaukasten - architecture

The new series at Tronico metal Construction kit. Experience the world of the most beautiful buildings and place them at home with the tronico metal construction kits. The first is the tower of Paris-Eiffel Tower-with 48 LEDs and a Gsamtgröße of 77 x 32 x 32 cm. The construction kit weighs a whopping 2kg. Please click on the picture to get to the product.
Our newly developed 3D Puzzle Tractors have arrived.
Besides the Case IH we have of course on the Steyr CVT 6240 in the program. Here you can see a picture of the 3d puzzle tractor. Click on the picture and you'll be in our shop. The scale is 1:32, just like our miniature metal series, and each tractor has a trailer. The tractors have a freewheel and only have to be put together. No screwing or gluing is necessary.

New Fire Engine Truck in scale 1:16 is now available.

Please click on the picture to get to the category.

New trailer - please click on the picture to get to the category


This are the diameters of our Tronico Metal Model Kits:

Profi Series, Junior Series and Silver Line - hole spacing 10 mm - Ø 4.15 mm - (eitech© compatible)

Mini Series - hole spacing 9 mm - Ø 3.10 mm - (Trix© compatible)

Micro Series - hole spacing 5 mm - Ø 2.00 mm - (own system)

Meccano© and Maerklin© use the inch system with a hole spacing of 12.73 mm.

This are our Model Makers Thomas and Sven from Germany displaying one of their new ideas, a RC Unimog in 1:16

School and Starter Sets from Tronico

We are proud to announce that Tronico offers now a new category of Metal Model Kits for Schools. The sets have 3 Models (we call it 3-in-1), 5 models and 7 models. We know that those sets are very popular even for families to start with their children to assemble metal models such as airplanes, cars and trucks.

   New Assembling Manuals