Tronico Privacy Policy

Responsibility for Links on tronico website

The tronico webiste contains links to external websites hosted by third parties whose content is beyond our influence as they are our Business partners. The content of the sites we link to is the sole responsibility of the corresponding provider or owner of this websites. We do not guarantee that the information provided by third parties on the websites we link to is correct or complete. 

Websites are reviewed for possible violations or claims at the time we establish a link to this Websites by our partners. No content was violating any laws at the time we linked to the website providing this content.  However, we cannot be required to perform constant reviews of linked website without any concrete evidence of a rights violation. If any rights violations can be proven beyond a doubt, we will remove the corresponding links immediately. 

Privacy of Data

The content and work provided on tronico website by us are protected by German copyright. Duplicating, distributing, processing or using our content beyond the limits of German copyright is not permitted without the written approval of RCEE GMBH.

Privacy of Data

We advise you that transmitting data over the internet (for example by email) involves a certain security risk. Providing full protection against third parties from accessing a users data without permission is not possible. The owner of the website is not liable for any damage caused by such security vulnerabilities or rights violations. 

We explicitly reject the use of contact information that is published as required by the general information requirements and used by third parties for unsolicited advertising. The owners of the tronico website explicitly reserve the right to take legal action if receiving advertisement such as spam emails, faxes or telephone calls.