Horsch InnoFalcon - Profi Series - 1:16

TRONICO Profi Series - HORSCH InnoFalcon - summary: scale 1:16, 732 parts, fully functional, made of high quality metal and high quality plastic material, Measurements app.: 61 x 26 x 29,5 cm, weight of falcon app.: 1.05 kg, wings, legs and head are moveable, all parts will be only fixed with screws and locked with nuts, equipped w/tools for assembling, including HORSCH-decals, instruction manual with pictures for easy assembling, recommended for age 12 plus, packed in a gift box.

360 Degree Pictures

Presentation 3D-Model - Movie Trailer

Today we will show you pictures from the prior HORSCH during the SIMA exhibition in Paris. Our InnoFalcon keeps flying in the air and has his sights set firmly on ground!

The span is 2 meters and own parts were cut out by hand for the feathers of the wings.

Some tubes are specially made and hoses on the neck also. Otherwise, we have only used parts of our kits.

The InnoFalcon was first built with silver parts and later the model received a two-time painting. Only the black color came on the InnoFalcon and then the red color.

The model has built our model makers in Germany completely without plan.

The time was limited, only three months it took. Then there was another month for the research on the wings. We really needed to save weight. First you should find carbon fiber use, but the crop turned out to be very complicated because the material is incredibly hard. Thus, the assembly would then alone therefore extended by 2 months.

The Horsch InnoFalcon is a single model in this size and was specially picked by an employee HORSCH by car from southern Germany.