Claas Lexion 770 combine - 1:16 - Profi-Series

DIY Metal Kit, Harvester CLAAS LEXION 770, 2463 pcs, scale 1:16, size: 53 x 34 x 19 cm, made of metal and high quality plastic material, free-wheel action, tyres with original patterns made of soft plastic, weight of harvester is 3,6 kilograms, build in full details, all parts will only be fixed with screws and locked with nuts, made of quality metal, including CLAAS-decals, equipped with tools for assembling, instruction manual with pictures for easy assembling, recommended for age 14+, packed in a gift box

Detailed description: This was our prestige model because we wanted to Show what can be done made of a DIY metal kit. We started to develop this harvester already in 2011 and thought we could launch in in the coming year already. However it was complicated to build the structure without getting too heavy. The first tyres couldn't stand the weight of 3.8 kg for longer times. by this we had to Change the moulds of the tyres and takes other materials to make it more strong but still soft enough to get them easy onto the rims.

The harvester is really a huge model, after Assembling, you cannot hold it on one Hand. It is simply too big and too heavy. This is a premium product for the advanced model maker and it has got a lot of Details to explore.

The new discovery of metal construction kits. Exclusive with tronico. With licenses of the original models. The CLAAS LEXION 770 harvester is modeled after its original fully made of metal. The scale is 1:16 and the CLAAS LEXION 770 from tronico is screwed together from 2463 single parts. It is fully functional. The soft plastic profile tyres are equipped with free-wheel function. The weight of the harvester is 3.8 kg and thus provides a very detailed design. All parts are screwed together with nuts and locked individually.
The material of tronico is made from high quality metal and plastic. It comes supplied with a CLAAS LEXION 770 sticker which after completing the assembled model makes it a true original model made of metal. In the cardboard box next to the material you will find tools for assembly, assembly instructions and a colorful picture with control side views of the ready assembled product. We at tronico highly recommend the age of 14 plus or at least with experience in metal kits.

It must be said that the first 50 % of the assembling takes approx. 65-70 % of the complete time until the model has been finished. You need to learn to understand the drawings and how to hold the parts while there are fixed with the screws and nuts. All Manuals Show only Pictures and the size is always DIN A3 with a lot of pages to have the steps of the assembling as simple as possible. Furthermore we are attaching a page in DIN A4 with full colour Pictures showing the model from all sides to compare the own model and if everything has been assembled correctly.

In case of any questions we give you full assistance by email, you just have to contact us in Bremen. The contact datas you will fond on the guarantee Card or at the boxes, or at www.tronico.de

tronico products offer every age group from young to old at any time of the year a great opportunity and the possibility to follow their hobby. But above all, tronico supports and promotes the development of motor skills and coordination. Especially for children the development of fine motor skills and logical thinking is developed and trained during the assembly process.