Krampe Big Body E 650 Premium - 1:16 - Profi Series

KRAMPE "Big Body E 650 Premium" - summary: trailer with tip function, scale 1:16, 1455 pieces, fully functional, hatch can be opened, can be connected with all tractors of the tronico line, made of high quality metal and high quality plastic material, free-wheel action, twin-axle, tires w/original patterns and soft plastic, including hitch, weight of trailer is 2.5 kg, build in full details, all parts will be only fixed with screws and locked with nuts, including Krampe-decals, equipped w/tools for assembling, instruction manual w/pictures for easy assembling, recommended for age 8plus - we highly recommend from 12plus, packed in a gift box, from tronico.


These pictures were made available to us by Thomas Litzner . A very good construction , made great.