Micro Series - 1:64

Tronico MICRO-SERIES in scale 1:64 - the samallest metal construction kit in the world

What ist the Micro series in scale 1:64 with infrared control?

We introduce here smallest in DIY Metal Kit in the world which has been produced in large quantities. We do not mean 10, 100 or 500 piece. We produce this micro series in high quanties. The Components have been totally new developed.

The infrared controller is still big enough to hold in your hands well and we could manage an overall range of 10 metres! Maybe you feel that could be too complicated for assembling but it isn't at all. We already mounted the whole chassis, steering, motor and electronic parts. The tractors have got at the front a white LED-light and at the backside red LED-light. Driving forward, the white LED begins to light up whereas at going back the red LED starts to work.

After the driving has been done the tractors can be charged at the controller. Inside the tractor we placed a small chargeable battery. It takes approx 10 minutes and the display on the controller show the process.