German Submarine Type VII C/41 - "Atlantic Version" - 1:23

Quote from Wikipedia:

The submarine class VII, officially called Type VII, was a series of Navy submarines in World War II. Created from the First World War constructions UF and UG and the experiences with Type I and Type II[1], it was the most widely produced submarine class in history; With it, more space was also sunk on ship tonnage than with any other type. More than 700 units entered service. 160 more were planned, but the construction of which was cancelled in favour of the technically superior XXI type.

Type VII were single-hull deep sea boats whose characteristic feature was the external fuel bunkers, called saddle tanks in the lateral fuselage bulges. Unlike the Type IX deep sea boats and Type II coastal submarines, they were called "Atlantic boats." They reached the greatest diving depth of all boats built in the Second World War (apart from Class XXI, which was only entered into service in 1944), which in practice went well beyond the shipyard guarantee. The boats had a high power and good performance characteristics with relatively small dimensions and with a lack of living quality.

Tronico Diy Metal Kit - Submarine Type VII C/41 - Atlantic Version

 476 parts, Scale 1:23

High-quality metal, all parts printed in colour, all parts just screwed and countered with nuts
Includes assembly tool and illustrated step-by-step construction instructions
Spare sharing service Free for 24 months, all parts, available directly from Tronico for free
Measures: 40 x 7.5 x 18 cm, weight: About 750 g