RMS Titanic Diy Metal Construction Kit from Tronico - 14+


RMS Titanic scale model - now exclusively available from Tronico metal construction kit


Probably the most famous ship in the world is now exclusively available from Tronico. The Titanic as a professional kit with a length of 68 cm is now available from Tronico Metallbaukasten. This kit is designed in a unique and detailed manner. The impressive length of 68 cm, 9.5 cm wide and 21 cm high gives the model a unique printout of your display case, desk or window sill. The kit contains 1871 parts, the construction is nevertheless very good and can also be created for inexperienced hobbyists. The set of course includes the 4-color step-by-step instructions and tools. In addition, from Tronico you can request a free step by step guide in pdf pdf. There, each step is in Din A4 size and even enlarged if you have a PC screen in the appropriate format. Click on the picture and enter our shop. Get the ideal Christmas present now.