Micro-Series - Scale 1:64 - the Micro Series has been developed for the skilled model enthusiast, who likes to got into the details. Many people do not own a lot of space for their hobby and here we have the right project! The smallest metal construction kit in the world! Of course we still tried to make it more comfortable to assemble and we tried to use as less pieces as possible. Many of the kits do not have more than 600 parts including the trailer. Recommended starting from 12 years of age. 

Mini-Series - Scale 1:32 - to create this category we have designed totally new parts and sizes. These parts are not compatible with scale 1:24 and 1:16. We have used less parts and all tractors haven't got a steering. If Kids want to Play with the assembled models, we recommend to glue (not inside of the set) the rims of the wheels at the axles. Starting Age is 8 together with the parents.

Junior-Series - Scale 1:24 -  it has got the same parts and sizes of the Profi-Series in 1:16, but the models doesn't have a steering and the bottom side of the Chassis is open. Thus, the tractors are more easy to assemble and it takes less time. Still we recommend, if kids want to assemble the tractors, that parents will accompany their children for the first 50 % of the assembling time. By then, the Kids will usually know wuite well how to go further one. Starting Age we say 8 years, but we recommend 10 years.

Profi-Series - Scales 1:16 - our models in realistic Outlook with steering, closed Chassis and a lot more Details than in Junior- or Mini-Series. We usualy start at 1000 parts but it can come as well to 1.380 parts. We recommend to use them as Show-Models on desks, etc. The starting Age shall be 12 years, at least.